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    Photography is a challenging discipline. I can't really reccomend it to unexperienced beginner photographers.

    Range of needed skills varies from documentary (in a speed of sport photography) to arranged photography.

    Weather and light conditions changes every moment and as the day goes, the photographer is  responsible to capture every important moment. For some of the pictures, the photographer may have only one chance! Don't take unnecessary risks!

    Hire a professional photographer preferably from the zone who knows about light.

    Light in Riviera Maya can be very strong. The photographer needs to have experience with shooting outdoors/indoors and using flashes and reflectors in various weather/light conditions.

    In this days it is very easy to have a camera and think you can deal with everything, but you're fooling yourself. I truely believe Photography is about passion, but when you're talking about business it's about responsability.

    Hope you find this usefull. As a woman I can imagine the worries a bride has before her Wedding!

    Any doubts please contact me


    elia madrigal